Spirit 1.0 Plus

  • Spirit 1.0 Plus

Spirit 1.0 Plus


Our shipment has almost arrived into Auckland, we have a lot of Extra Short and Short Spirit 1.0 Plus outboards on the boat. 

Flick us an email at info@evocean.co.nz to secure your outboard.


The Spirit 1.0 Plus is our most advanced electric portable outboard motor with industry-leading performance, reliability and noise control.


  • Maintenance-Free for Life
  • 2,000 hours in testing
  • Direct Drive
  • Field-oriented control (FOC) smoothes the motor operating with less vibration
  • 55 dB sound
  • Comfortable Tiller
  • Foldable Tiller
  • Advanced BMS
  • Safety includes six protection features
  • A great capacity of 22 Li-Po cells
  • Effortless battery replacement
  • Up to 55% max overall efficiency
  • Perfect for all sorts of light duty
  • Max speed to drive a 12 ft boat with 150 kg load
  • Customised travel bags
  • No Fuel Leak
  • Exhaust-Free
  • Less Carbon Emissions

    Pricing includes the Spirit 1.0 Plus and Spirit Battery. Just choose your shaft length above. 

    Spirit Battery Description:

    • Lithium-polymer battery upgraded from Spirit Battery with larger capacity. Compatible with Spirit 1.0 Plus and Pod Drive 1.0.  
    • Battery capacity: 1276 Wh
    • Rated voltage: 45.6 V
    • Rated current: 25 A
    • Max discharging current: 40 A
    • Battery life: 800 cycles at 80% DOD
    • Charging time: 8.5 hr (standard charger)

    View Frequently Bought Together below to see if there are any other items that you would like with your Spirit 1.0 Plus.