Introducing Spirit 1.0 Plus

Spirit 1.0 Plus is a portable 3HP electric outboard made for dinghies, fishing boats, sailboats and tenders. It features a 1276 Wh large integrated lithium battery for long range. It’s nimble, lightweight, and clean power.


At the core of Spirit 1.0 Plus electric outboard motor, it’s a 1kW BLDC motor, equivalent to 3HP.
Power (W)  Speed (kph) Runtime (hh:mm)   Range ( km)
35 3.5 36:25 129
65 4.3 19:35 85.3
125 5.6 10:00  56
250  7.1 5:00 35.5
500 8.5 2:30 21.3
750 9.2 1:40 15.3
1000 10 1:15 12.5

The Specs 

Shaft Type  Long Short  Extra  Short 
Input Power  1 kW
1 kW
1 kW
Equivalent Horsepower
3 hp
3 hp
3 hp
Motor Weight
10.9 kg 10.6 kg 10.4 kg
Battery Weight
8.7 kg 8.7 kg 8.7 kg
Battery Capacity
1276 Wh
1276 Wh
1276 Wh
Tiller Control
Tiller Control
Tiller Control
Running Time (Economical Speed)
5 hr
5 hr
5 hr
Running Time (Full Speed)
1 hr 15 min
1 hr 15 min
1 hr 15 min
Shaft Length
75 cm
62.5 cm
52.5 cm


The Spirit 1.0 Plus easily matches a 3-hp petrol outboard and provides more than sufficient propulsion for a 10 ft tender, or can work as an auxiliary power for a daysailer of up to 1.5 tonnes. 

Electric outboard motor

Provides more fun on the water

The Spirit 1.0 Plus pushes the limit of range with its high energy efficiency, propeller design, and battery capacity. It includes one large 1276 Wh battery, the largest for a motor of this size.

  • 75 Minutes - Running time at full speed with one battery
  • 35.4 KM - Range at economical speed with one battery
  • 1 Minute - Effortless battery replacement.


Superb longevity for every ride

The Spirit battery satisfies the IP67 protection standard and operates in any conditions. It’s lightweight and compact, but contains plenty of energy. Weighing in at just 8.8kg, it can also float!

  • Advanced BMS - Safety comes first: includes six protection features
  • 1276 Wh - A great capacity of 24 Li-Po cells
  • Floatable - Don’t worry any overboard accidents.
    Electric Outboard Motor New Zealand

    Robust design built to last

    The quality of craftsmanship is so reliable you can relax and enjoy your time on the water!

    • Maintenance-Free - Save time at work and spend more time on the water
    • 2,000 hours in testing - The most rigorous testing of continuous operation ensures a robust design
    • Direct Drive - The amount of moving parts is reduced tremendously, including gear box.
      Electric outboard motors

      Quietly brilliant

      A petrol outboard engine could never compete with an electric outboard motor on noise control. You can have a conversation and easily be heard.

      • Field-oriented control (FOC) - the motor operates with less vibration
      • 55 dB - Max operating noise equals the db level of a normal conversation
      • Comfortable Tiller - There’s no uncomfortable vibrations when holding the tiller.


      Electric outboard motor

      Surprisingly easy to carry

      The Spirit 1.0 Plus is designed for portability. It’s compact, lightweight and easily stored in our customised storage bags. The installing and uninstalling process is hassle-free.
      • Foldable Tiller - There’s no need  to remove the tiller every time you transport
      • 19.3 kg - The total weight is within the comfortable manual handling load
      • Customised travel bags.
      Electric outboard motor

      Harmless to your health and the environment

      ePropulsion is committed to providing a green boating drive system, helping to alleviate the environmental problems we face today.

      • No Fuel Leak - Leakage is quite common with a petrol outboard - not with the Spirit 1.0 Plus.
      • Exhaust-Free - You won’t breathe in any engine exhaust fumes
      • Less Carbon Emissions - Reduce your carbon emissions and protect the environment.
      Electric outboard motor

      Steer from a console

      The Spirit 1.0 Plus allows you to steer from a console, while controlling the speed with a remote throttle.
      • Design - Deliberate design body
      • Wireless Remote Control
      • Steering helm compatibility.

        The Spirit Battery

        • Lithium-ion polymer battery 
        • 40.7 V nominal voltage 
        • 46.2 V final charging voltage 
        • 33 V cut-off voltage 
        • 0°C - 45°C / 32˚  F - 113˚  F charging temperature 
        • -10°C - 60°C / 14˚  F - 140˚  F discharging temperature 
        • Over 80% capacity after 500 cycles of 100% DOD 
        • 3 hr charging time (Fast charger) 
        • 7 hr charging time (Standard charger) 
        • Battery management system 
        • Floatable design.

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