48V E-Series Lithium Batteries 


The Specs 

Why Choose The E-Series Battery

Affordable cost

  • Unit price is as low as $0.5 per watt-hour.

Longer life cycles

  • 3000 cycles at 80% DOD.

High energy density

  • 70% less weight and space than standard lead-acid batteries.

Made for ePropulsion Motors

  • Data synced with ePropulsion motors to apply smart operation strategy.

It’s Time to Replace your Lead-Acid Battery with our LiFePO4 Battery

The chemistry of E-Series batteries is LiFePO4, which is 30% lighter but provides about 50% more usable capacity than AGM lead-acid batteries. In addition, LiFePO4 batteries have a longer life of up to 3000 cycles, while the AGM can only reach 300 to 500 cycles.



 Why choose an E-Series battery over a 3rd party option?

ePropulsion batteries are designed for maximum efficiency, performance and safety. Using 3rd-party batteries does not allow for the use of our communication cable which brings data accuracy to the gauge and ensures useful operating strategy for safety and performance.

Can I use a third-party chargers for an E-Series Battery?

No. Third-party chargers are not allowed for warranty reasons. Consult with your dealer or ePropulsion on Facebook before you use a 3rd-party charger.

Can I connect different E-Series battery sizes in parallel? 

No. For parallel connection, E40, E80 and E175 can only be connected to the same model of the same age because they have different Battery Management Systems and different cell configurations.

What is the termination communication used for?

It improves the signal quality. Without the communication terminator, E-Series batteries won’t work in a parallel connection. Make sure you purchase this tool before a parallel connection.

How do I turn on and off the E-Series batteries in parallel connection?

Always power the master battery on/off first, not the secondary battery. If the secondary battery is powered on/off before the master battery damage or reduced usable capacity may occur.

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