H-100 Electric Inboard Motor

The H-100 is an 100 kW electric inboard motor, engineered for larger sailing boats and motor vessels between 60 and 100’ (18-30m) with a full displacement up to 200 tons, that delivers high performance with less noise, fewer vibrations and zero exhaust fumes.

H-100 Smaller size, better space utilization

Smaller size, better space utilisation

H-100 is about two-thirds lighter and 50% smaller than its diesel counterpart, providing installation flexibility and maximizing payload and passenger space. The flat wire motor increases slot fill by 25% and increases power density.

Modular design, high expandability

H-100 electric inboard motor kit adopts modular design. The manufacturers can easily extend the range and power by adding motors, controllers and batteries, and having more flexibility. Different power combinations can be chosen according to different power and range requirements, which allows the H-100 to be more expandable.

Boating IoT system, smart and customisable

The boating Internet of Things (IoT) system can be customised and developed to meet the customers’ needs of remote monitoring and integrated management. Speed, power, track, mileage, safety alarm and other functions also can be customized and developed according to your requirements. Boat owners can use the web port to track their boats in real time and to realize integrated management.

Optimum performance, pioneering technology

Equipped with pioneering permanent magnet motor technology, the H-100 gives its diesel counterparts a run for their money, achieving 2000 Nm maximum torque and delivering an impressive 96% efficiency, higher than the traditional 100 kW AC asynchronous motor.

Safety and reliability

▪︎ IP67 waterproofing

▪︎ Anti-corrosion
▪︎ High accuracy position feedback
▪︎ High torque density
▪︎ Closed-loop cooling


Rated Voltage

 540 VDC IP Rating IP67
Rated Power 100 kW Insulation Level H
Rated Torque 797 Nm Cooling Methods Water Cooling
Rated Speed 1150 rpm Operating Temperature -25℃ ~ +55℃
Rated Efficiency 96% Dimensions

443 x 315 mm (17.4 x 12.4 in)


Battery Custom-built

Battery can be tailored to fit customers’ needs. The battery power needs to be calculated and determined according to the range requirements. For a 100 kW electric inboard motor operating at full power for 1 hour, the propulsion system will need a 100 kWh battery which can be developed based on the provided specs.


System Rated Output Voltage  540 VDC

Discharge Temperature 

 -30℃ ~ 60℃ 
System Output Voltage Range 487 ~ 604 VDC 25℃ Cycle Life (80% DOD) >3500 times
Battery Capacity ** / 25℃ Storage Life >8 years
Total System Energy ** / Charging Temperature  0℃ ~ 60℃
*The battery specifications are based on a 100 kW electric inboard motor operating at full power for 1 hour. Actual performance parameters may vary depending on battery capacity.
**Battery capacity and total system energy can be customized to fit customers’ needs.


H-100 Controller
 Logic Power Supply Range  9~16 V / 18~32 V                   
Rated Input Voltage 540 VDC
Input Voltage Range 400 ~ 720 VDC
Rated Power 160 kVA
Rated Output Current 270 A
Maximum Efficiency 99%
IP Rating IP67
H-100 Remote Control and Display  

Remote Control and Display

▪︎ Single / dual remote control (Optional)

▪︎ Ergonomic design, good operating experience
▪︎ 4.3″ display, user friendly interface

 H-100 Boats