Two Auckland blokes who have spent their lives on or very close to the water. Cam Harris and Adam Wrightson are marine electricians by trade, who wanted to look into cleaner, quieter & more sufficient ways to run boats in New Zealand. Electric cars were progressing at such a speed so they were really interested to explore the electric technology for boats.

So with that they set out and travelled to different countries that have taken electric and clean efficient propulsion systems to the next level. "We are thrilled to have found the best products and are able to offer them to kiwi's" Adam said. And with that Evocean was born.

No noise, no combustion, no start-up hassle, no exhaust fumes and no time wasted on maintenance. Doesn't that sound like a dream. We have electric outboards that are great quality and highly reliable take a look at our product pages to read more about them.

Electric boating is not designed to replace petrol or diesel (gas) engines but instead offer you a premium boating experience on the water around New Zealand and abroad.  

Thats a little bit of our story, feel free to get in touch to discuss what might be right for you.